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Absolute zero: the new standard in risk tolerance

Offline data encryption and cold storage solution

FrostByte enables your organization to safeguard sensitive data with robust enterprise-grade security, without relying on a third party.

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100% offline encryption

FrostByte utilizes 100% offline, client side encryption, the lastest AES 256 encryption [used by the CIA for TS level classified information], and Scrypt Hashing algorithms to maintain enterprise-level security.

Trust that your data is in good hands: Yours


Inside your Vault

Your encrypted data is stored and protected using FrostByte's innovative Vault tool. The Vault allows you to utilize multi-user security and apply various levels of governance, giving you total ownership of your organization's critical data and reducing your risk of data theft to absolute zero.

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If you don't control your keys, you don't control your assets

FrostByte enables you to keep all of your custodial needs and disaster recovery processes in-house, returning your keys to where they belong: in your pocket.

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Security for all

FrostByte enables anyone to secure anything. Create multiple Vaults for you and your team, and even enable dynamic security for different teams (execs, cybersecurity, etc.).

Secure any asset such as passwords (replace your password manager), crypto currency keys, data encryption keys, recovery phrases/codes, 2FA seeds, and much more.

Opsec training

Make implemention a breeze.

The FrostByte Team understands that the users of our products are concerned about the safety and integrity of their digital assets and sensitive data. To prevent against additional threats caused by operator error, we offer expert level Operational Security Training to support and enhance an organization’s security standards.


Strategic consulting on data encryption and security


Operational security best practices


Encryption schema support


Own your data

FrostByte combines powerful cryptography with a delightfully simple user interface to enable you to secure, store, and share critical data all without relying on any third party cloud services or custodians. This means no one can look at your data except you, not even FrostByte. Contact us to learn more today.

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